16 Fun Valentine’s Day Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Imagine a colorful brochure filled with pictures of things that people want to buy and eat. It is a brochure filled with beautiful pictures of things that your friends and family want to buy. In fact, they may include things that they are buying already.
With the below campaign being one of many, they’ve started their 2022 Summer program to teach English across schools. Earn Up To 75% Profit With No Money Up Front Needed When you select The Entertainment® Card Fundraiser for your next Choir fundraising event. non profit fundraising ideas of the best and easiest ideas for fund raising for a Choir that we’ve come across, is the Discount Card Fundraiser. This will boost your profit from the average to the extraordinary! For instance if you sell 500 tubs of cookie dough you will qualify for 5 FREE Spinners® Fundraising cards. See our cookie dough profit chart above for more information.
Invite your students and their families to enjoy a loaded baked potato and soup bar! For the price of the entry fee, families get access to an all you can eat soup and loaded baked potato bar. Your club can also combine this event with any other event (like the Young Michelangelo Night) for an even more satisfying dinner and evening away from home. For an entry fee of $10-$15 per person, they can make all the ice cream they want with any of the fixings your club can provide. Feel free to also pair this event with an outdoor, more active event to get everyone moving after the sweet treats. Lyles-Crouch Traditional Academy’s 2021 Lion Fest Fundraiser raised almost $50,000 through online donations.
Unfortunately, most schools do not get the state funding they need to keep all of their programs up and running. That means that after school programs, school clubs and sports teams need to rely on the community making up the difference. However, since educators and parents are not in the money making business that can present a problem. For this fundraiser, you’ll work with a local company to provide the popcorn. Then, you’ll sell the popcorn to students and their families at a small mark-up.
In addition to promoting your event, you’ll need to find a company that will pay for your shoes. You can either charge for admission or split food and drink costs with the restaurant. For penny socials, as with silent auctions, the most important consideration will be gathering your items. No matter which format you choose, using charity auction software can help you plan and execute your event.